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JSC "Ormina", V.A. Graiciuno str. 34
Vilnius. Lithuania
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The main activities of Joint Stock Company "ORMINA" is the rent of the open customs warehouses and services in accordance with the order set in the legal acts issued by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.
The co-ordinated and quick work performed by the skilled and trained storekeepers and loaders guarantees the low time consumption for standing of the transportation vehicles at our warehouse. We are able to secure the greatest possible safety of goods, preservation of appearance of the goods and even its improvement. Besides this, we provide the following services:

  • warehousing and grouping of goods,
  • loading and unloading works;
  • supervision of goods, improvement of their appearance;
  • re-packing of goods as well as preparation for transportation;
  • stocktaking of warehoused goods.
We are ready to offer the area at the open customs warehouse or at the site of the customs warehouse for rent:

Customs warehouses occupy an area of 15000m²

  • non-dusty ground;
  • height of the warehouse is 9 meters;
  • loading - unloading ramps (for transportation vehicles and railway vans);
  • electrocars;
  • safeguarding and anti-fire signal system;
  • warehouses are equipped with the picture transmission cameras;
  • heating system;
  • railway branch - line;
  • NEW: state-of-the-art, newly erected warehouses that occupy an area of 4000 m².
Site of the customs warehouse occupies an area of 3000 m²
  • separate parking lot for trucks;
  • railway branch - line;
  • territory is equipped with the picture transmission cameras.

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